Non urgent passport processing times

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Does anyone know if this is getting better or worse?


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Based on the lack of lines outside the Melbourne passport office in recent weeks, I would think things are getting better.


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I applied for mine about 5 weeks ago. I dropped it off at the Melbourne GPO (they have a daily run to the passport office), and picked it up from the passport office on Collins Street. Took 3 weeks and 1 day. Was in and out in about 15 minutes to pick it up.

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Back in May I applied for my daughters renewal. She's on a child's passport, so is treated as a new application, not a renewal like an adult. We are at week 8 of waiting and after checking another forum I decided to ring the passport office because we need it soon to get a VISA. Call went straight through and they assured us it will be printed in 7 business days. The fact our call went straight through suggests things have calmed down a bit. Again reading on those others forums, it all sounds like a bit of a lottery. Some people have got their passport in three weeks others are at 12 weeks and still waiting even after calling numerous times. I myself had a friend apply for their Childs passport in June because I warned them of the wait time and yet they received their passport a few weeks ago! In retrospect, I wish I had of just done the express payment but we applied just before it really blew up in the media and the post office assured me I'd have it in 6 weeks! Jokes on me.


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I applied for my child's renewal. It is 4 weeks now, have not received it yet. However, we have no travel plans. I wanted to make sure we applied within 6 months of expiry to avoid any last minute travel hiccups for countries who require a minimum 6 months validity.

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