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There is a bit of discussion currently about Changi Airport moving some airlines as they reopen Terminals 2 and 4 but there is also a bigger change that if affecting everyone.

Changi has now opened its new eastern runway 02R/20L which is located at the east of the airport near where the new military base is being established and east of where T5 will eventually be located. I have flown out of Changi twice in the past fortnight both times on the new runway and the taxi times are amazingly long. Last night it took over 20 minutes to get from T1 to the end of 02R.

The previous eastern runway now renumbered as 02C/20C is currently closed for maintenance.



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I remember a similarly long taxi in Detroit, Dallas also can some long ones. The international terminal to the southern end of the eastern N/S runway in Sydney can seem to take forever as well.


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Affected you how? Did you land late at your destination? I've taken off from that runway taxiing from the southern pier of T3, sure its further away but its really not that bad!

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