Misleading Qatar airways Sales! No Qsuites!

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I booked my ticket with Qatar Airways from Sydney to Paris for $15,000.00 like 6 months in advance. They offered Qsuites which is “ first in business”. It means there is no first class and you get a first class cabine while it is called business. The aircraft was Boing. Guess what! They change it later to a normal business seat without notifying us with Airbus! More interestingly, they asked us to pay extra like $4000 to upgrade to first class to get the same Qsuites back! This is just a daylight rubbery. Their complaint department says just sorry and cancel that ticket! Why, because they can sell it now almost twice as it is now closer to the departure date.

Basically. They lure you into buying a ticket and they downgrade it later without notifying you. If you realise they are cheating, they just refund it while they kept your money for a while. So ridiculous!! JUST BE AWARE OF THIS TRICK.


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Qatar Q Suite (in buisness) is a completely different seat to the Qatar first class seat, also a different level of service from business class to first. I flew both recently and first class is still miles ahead of buisness.


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So you purchased a ticket for a Qatar Boeing 777 and subsequently, due probably to increased demand, they changed the aeroplane to an Airbus A380 with an older business class seat? I'd put that in the "slightly disappointing" category rather than "daylight robbery" myself.

Having flown in the Q-suites, the seat itself is most definitely a business-class seat. It's a very good business class seat, but definitely not "a first class cabin while it is called business". The service (soft product), particularly the dine-on-demand food and beverage offering, is closer to first-class than many business class products, and you'll still be getting that same service on the A380 anyway.

I don't entirely understand how you have all that much to complain about. In any case will it be an A380 all the way to Paris or just on one of the legs?


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I get it's disappointing - but you have left out some facts. When Qatar change an aircraft you get an email notification regarding change to your flight and no longer having the Q Suite experience. If it's not to your satisfaction then you have option to change flight, date or airports within a 500km and even full refund. If you really wanted to fly Q suite then I'd change from Sydney to Melbourne /Brisbane / Canberra and to the 2nd Paris flight which will not be an A380 or to London or other cities in Europe. I had the complete opposite experience to you in April this year - I wanted to fly on the A380, but wasn't going to pay the bucket loads extra to fly into LHR and bought a Business Lite fare to mainland Europe ($2.8k return Qatar Business ex SIN - pick your departure cities close to Aus and save a bucket load!). Had a schedule change (of 5 mins) and moved my arrival to Heathrow for no extra cost whereas and even my fare went to Business C type so got lounge etc incl. Also one of my flights received the 'No Q suite aircraft notification' weeks before and then in the end had a Q Suite A350 anyway.


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So you joined today just to rant? Interesting…


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I wouldn't call it daylight robbery but a disappointment. Qsuites is just a closed off cubicle that offers you more privacy than a normal business class seat. It's the same service-wise. I suppose by paying AUD15000, you expect more bang for your buck. I get that. However, as Dan commented, you would have saved heaps instead of forking out AUD15000 for business class or Qsuites if you started in ASEAN. Starting a Qsuites flight from SIN/MYS or even Jakarta would be the way to go. There was a time precovid that I only had to pay AUD1900 return ex Jakarta to Zurich/Milan in business. One thing I have to agree though: Qatar customer service on ground and over the phone are appallingly horrible. Their services onboard, absolutely stellar!

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So much inconsistencies with their customer service reps - to get my route changed for free involved speaking to a handful of call centre reps and multiple calls one after the other until I got a rep that understood QR policies.

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