Restarting flights to NZ

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Virgin Australia currently only serve Queenstown (ZQN) in NZ.

With the winter travel season to ZQN coming to an end in a few months, and holiday season travel picking up, are we likely to see Virgin re-establish flights to Auckland (AKL), Wellington (WLG) and Christchurch (CHC) to take advantage of the holiday boom and complete with the clear price gauging currently going on these routes with NZ and QF?


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I was just about to ask the same question! With the pending 31 Jan 23 credit expiry deadline - I still have quite a few credits due to many flights to Auckland cancelled. Am I right to assume the chances of VA resuming flights to main centres in NZ before Xmas is slim to none?


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Very much correct. Likely to hold off outside ZQN in the medium term. AKL is a slim chance in early 2023, but may possibly be due to the UA partnership to feed their AKL-SFO flight from Queensland ports.

Apart from the current 10x weekly BNE-LAX on QF (up from daily), Queensland currently don't have a non-stop service competing service until the 3x weekly BNE-SFO service starts in October, which is underwritten and partially funded by the BAC and the State of Queensland under the Attracting Aviation Investment Fund (AAIF).


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VA do not currently have Queenstown flights. November is the proposed commencement.


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Originally Posted by tommygun

VA do not currently have Queenstown flights. November is the proposed commencement.

And funnily enough that's exactly when Qantas/Jetstar and Air NZ prices come down back to earth

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