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Hi all,

My brother flies to the USA next week, transiting through LAX on his way to SFO. It’s a quick trip from Australia - 5 days - and while he has no status with an airline, he’s hoping he can get access to lounges on the trip. As a platinum FF, having completed 30+ USA trips, I can relate to the crucial role a good lounge can play on a short trip!

He’s flying Air New Zealand from AU-US, and United domestically. Is there any was he can access lounges in Tom Bradley and United Terminal 7? Or are they for FF members only?




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You could do a bit of online research to be sure (loungebuddy reviews etc) but many lounges in USA sell access at the door as far as I've read. (Checking myself lately because I'm travelling there in Sept).


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You can pay $59 for one off access to the United Club in T7 at LAX.

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