First class downgrade on code share (trying again, first post didnt work)

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Well, first post and its a sulking one! A few months ago I booked a first class Emirates Syd to Man return, cash not points, for travel in December / January. I usually travel this route, BC or FC once or twice a year, booking via Qantas to retain my status with them.

I have just been notified that one of the legs I have been involuntary downgraded from first to business ... not that much of a hardship, but that's not the point! I booked and paid for first and now one leg is BC .. part of the trip for me is the flight, hence why I was looking forward to FC all the way. I might have not been so aggrieved had I used points to pay ... but I am so annoyed with them.

There are no other flights to rebook to that would suit my timing needs so I am just going to have to suck it up this time, but what it has prompted me to do is finally start to distance myself from Qantas, my loyalty to their programme is coming to an end, I have questioned why I am sticking with them, for the Sydney shabby business class lounge access? That place hasn't been updated in years ... the small uncomfortable jets back from Fiji ... the awful customer service I received when asking for help to change to a different flight and enquire re compensation, 45 mins on hold anyone ???

Anyway, after the flight I will be asking for a refund as per their downgrade policy, but judging from the forums / articles I have read I won't expect too much.

What this has led me to do is reach out to both Virgin and Emirates and look to status match (Virgin have their offer on at the moment, and just thought I would ask Emirates, you never know!) ... the exodus has begun.


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It's hard to believe - you buy a seat - it should be yours. I honestly don't know how they get away with it.

I've heard the compensation is poor, I'd be interested to hear how it works out.

Yeah - not much love from me for Qantas and I'm a lowly silver who use to be Gold and Platinum.


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Emirates has changed aircraft a few months out to one that doesn't have first class and you are now ditching your Qantas status and blaming them? Am I understanding this right?


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I Agree with @grannular. Emirates have changed your plane and therefore you’re seat with months of you knowing this. How is this QF’s fault? Also this is a long haul flight months out so you could change 1 day to a different plane.


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So Emirates changed equipment and downgraded you, and your response is to dump Qantas and ask Emirates for a status match so you can transfer your business to them - LOL!

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