Extended wait times for Taxis and Rideshares in regional cities

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I noticed a story on ABC News the other night about how the lack of drivers for taxis and ride-shares, particularly in regional centres, is impacting services. I saw the impact first hand last night at Mackay airport with arriving passengers waiting in the taxi queue for over 2 hours.

If you're travelling for business at the moment, and have a tight meeting schedule, it may be more important than ever to pre-book your ride beforehand.

Just thought I would share my observations with the ET community....


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As per global trends, all major corporations are laying off hundreds if not thousands, and there is a freeze in new hiring, which would eventually bring those people from all sorts of industries to where there is demand. Hospitality is one of those. It may not happen overnight, but taxis/rideshares would sort themselves out over the next few months i would believe.


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In the old days REx SYD-DBO, and sometimes to other NSW regional airports used to ask pax to let them know if they wanted taxis and they will radio in the numbers to the local call centres via airport tower; I suppose it makes sense when the Saab plane with small capacity makes it possible to provide this service compared to bombardier or Boeing plane capacity, with larger size, makes it messier to order taxis

Also helps that REx flights to DBO are good for early morning starts and late returns such that the taxis would not be busy with city centre fares

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