Haneda, Tokyo - Qantas early arrival

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All my previous trips to Tokyo have landed at Narita in the afternoon. With Qantas now switched to Haneda, the early arrival - 05:25 - is possibly problematic, given Japanese hotels are less happy with you arriving very early with baggage, even if just to hold prior to check-in.

I don't expect to be checked in at that time, but wonder if anyone has any tips as how to navigate this chunk of time - with baggage. I am travelling there in November so it may be a little chilly to spend 8 hours sitting in a park, however beautiful! Without baggage I can totally entertain myself.

I may be overthinking things, and Japanese hotels are less troubled with this since I first travelled there.

Also, is/will there be an arrivals lounge that I can access for a shower at that time of the day by November? (Oneworld Emerald / QFF Plat)


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I've done this plenty of times.

Catch the monorail to Hamamatsucho station and then a taxi to your hotel (if you have heavy bags) or train. Leave your bags (I've never had a hotel complain about holding bags if I'm checking in later that day) and head to the fish markets for a sushi breakfast and refreshing walk. Then you can do some shopping in Ginza until they're ready to check you in.

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One solution is to take one of the twice-weekly QF61 BNE-HND flights that arrive at 8pm.


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Or the 4 x weekly QF79 MEL-HND that also arrives at 8pm.

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