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Hi All,

Just seeking a bit of guidance. Over the next 5 or so years, i'm looking at doing the following travel (hopefully Business Class, Economy if the funds or Frequent Flyer (FF) points are not up to the required level)...

1) 6 - 10 domestic trips per year (Virgin Australia)

2) 2 - 3 trips to USA (Air NZ, Singapore Airlines, or United)

3) 1 trip to Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia (most likely with Thai airways, possibly Singapore Airlines)

4) 1 trip to Southern Africa (Singapore Airlines)

5) 1 trip to South America (unsure which airline, may combine with USA holiday, may fly with LATAM)

6) At least 1 trip to UK/Europe (Singapore Airlines or Lufthansa)

I may combine some trips, eg UK/Europe with Southern Africa. In this instance I would fly Lufthansa between the two. Or USA with South America, so I would fly United.

So, my question is, which is the best Frequent Flyer (FF) program to join from the airlines (except LATAM) mentioned above. Frequent Flyer points (earn and burn, and upgrade) are of most importance, Frequent Flyer status would be nice.

Thanks in advance.


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My opinion. Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer, no question. You are doing a reasonable amount of international travel so you will get status easily, especially if a couple of the longhauls are in Business. And of course you will get access to VA, Air NZ, Thai and Lufthansa lounges, priority checkin etc


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Skymiles is good.


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Singapore airlines Krisflyer 100 %

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