Are others noticing a drop in QF domestic standards?

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Are others noticing a drop in QF domestic standards?

I took two flights in J between CNS and BNE over the weekend after a break from QF of several months. Whereas the staff were great, the service levels on both flights were not as before. Notably, no newspapers offered, no drink service before the dinner service, very ordinary meals both ways (the tasteless pork ragout pasta one way and the chicken salad with yellowing rocket leaves the other). Previously you would get a drink and nuts pretty quickly thence the meal around 20-30 minutes thereafter - last night there was no service for about the first 45 minutes of the flight. Does this indicate a pull back on the service levels? Are others experiencing similar patterns on oft travelled routes? Now to be fair on QF, the fares on this route have been subject to intense competition so the flights were $539 compared with the previous $900-$1300 mark, but on the other hand the service level now is noticeably worse than that on VA on the same route. Is this indicative of what we're going to find with the cuts? Wouldn't such reduction in service push customers to VA, thus QF in cost cutting are going to do the very opposite to what they need - loyalty?


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Use VA on domestic. Qantas rocks on international but it's a hit or miss for domestic.


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Must say I've never had a problem getting a straight after the seat belt light is extinguished in biz on QF Domestic. The service levels do vary, sometimes dramtically, however I had a CNS based crew from DRW-MEL recently and they were great


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Can't say I've noticed much of a change. I flew in J recently domestically and it was fine... Nothing special but nothing bad either... Same as before.


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I must say, I do enjoy travelling in J on QF (and economy for that matter). They can be hit n miss, but generally speaking I find their service very good. The CNS Route is not a heavy J market, but I do find the meal options getting a little 'scabby' at times and the way they re-jig their flights by 5-10 mins to thus not offer Dinner services really gets me. The last flight BNE-CNS is now at a Dinner Service time. But it use to be either 19.55 or 20.05 Departure depending on how much $$$ was in the bank...


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I flew in J on a morning SYD-BNE (the 0705 one, QF 504) back in late June, and we were offered papers, had our jackets hung and were served a pre-departure beverage, followed by breakfast after takeoff. The food was reasonably good.

I think it might be just a miss for you, or it might have something to do with the route. But hopefully we'll see a drive to strengthen the product by making it more efficient, not just cutting and cutting like they do in America.

I generally fly in Y, though, and I will say that QF is on the whole a bit hit and miss. I've had some disappointing flights, such as a lunchtime BNE-MEL where we were served a "lunch" of a flat, tiny "calzone" and an apple. On the other hand, I've had some spectacular hits such as my last MEL-SYD dinner flight - great food, great service and a great flight overall (apart from no IFE, it being VH-ZXE).


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Thanks, everyong, we'll see what happens as I fly this route frequently over the next few weeks. I'm thinking of seeing out my last two months as a Platinum One (which has been a totally underwhelming experience), take advantage of the multi-dip gift voucher opportunity before switching to VA...


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I just got off a Melb-Perth service in J class and the service was excellent.  The CSM came up and introduced himself to me, and welcomed me back onboard.  The other two crew in the cabin were also excellent, finding out very quickly what my preferred drink was, and kept topping me up before my drink was empty each time.  Eventually i had to refuse their offer as i had about 5 glasses.  The service was prompt, and effecient.  There was a Bar service, before the main small plate meal, and then main plates were served.  To top the night off, the CSM even offered me to take home the bottle of Red that had been opened and only poured once at the end of the flight.  I can't say i could have faulted the service at all.  I've never had a "miss" flight with QF, but i may be one of the lucky Plat Ones.  I have never even had a flight delayed by more than a hour.

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