Best Sydney-New York business class?

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Qantas QF107 goes via LAX


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  • Time - UA
  • Comfort - DL (direct aisle access) or QF (better service for long flight)
  • Price - UA


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I did QF to LGA once via DFW, this has the following distinctives:

- fastest - 5 minutes faster than UA's flight via SFO

- Flying into LGA is awesome because of proximity to city and the unbelievable view on the left 

- 3.5 hr leg from DFW to LGA is not that comfortable because its on AA's first class. On the flip side, this maximises your status credits and miles. I think if you are collecting QF status, this is the most SC maximising route. 


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United and Delta business class are decent but on a straight-out basis I'd opt for Qantas, especially on the A380 (at least to LAX, after that it's a 747). That's assuming the most direct route of course, as others might suggest Cathay Pacific (via Hong Kong) or Singapore Airlines (via Singapore) for example.


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Qantas for sure on the A380  via LA


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Flying from Sydney, the QF11 service arrives after QF107 has departed for New York. That being said, the updated business product on the 747 is a fantastic product. I flew BNE-LAX-JFK 3 days ago and highly reccomend it. After a great flight from Australia, there's just enough time to have a shower and have a coffee in the lounge before boarding the onward flight. Flying Qantas, there's no need to change terminals. The only slight downside is the requirement by the US to collect your bags on arrival to LAX, clear customs and proceed to the transfer desk. This however is balanced by arriving in JFK as a domestic passenger.

Don't waste your time with an American carrier.



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I flew Etihad SYD-NYC in 2012. While it was a longer flight going West, I found the following:

- By doing this, I saved more than $3000 on airfares at time of booking (compared to Qantas)

- I was upgraded to First on check in at Sydney for the SYD-AUH sector (something that doesn't seem to happen on Pacific routes unless you splash out with miles or are very high up, judging from comments and articles on here)

- I stopped over in the UAE for two days and lived a 5 star experience for the 2 star price equivalent in Sydney or the USA. 

- The 1-2-1 configuration gives direct aisle access to everyone in Business. Qantas is still going with 2-2-2. 

- Seamless travel offered with car service (S Class Mercedes for all points) and the airport lounges were very nice (far nicer than Emirates' lounges). Granted, They didn't have a Sydney lounge when I travelled. I'm looking forward to using their new one in June. If its like their other lounges I'll be very pleased. 


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I'd agree with you on Etihad! 


Takes a bit longer than via the West Coast of the US but transiting through Abu Dhabi is a hell of a lot less stressful than going through any American port.  The fares are incredibly competitive and I rank Etihad business very highly in terms of comfort, service and particularly food.  Even if you don't stop over, the lounges in AUH are great and you can get a spa treatment in. 

Bear in mind US pre-clearance is being introduced in Abu Dhabi and premium cabins get escorted through immigration in the US (or at least that was the case for first class guests arriving in Washington, can't say for certain in business/arriving at New York).  



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Pre-clearance for NYC sounds fantastic. It certainly wasn't available when I entered in Dec 2012. Instead, First and Business passengers had to share the awful 2.5 hour wait to be seen by a customs official. 

Usually, immigration takes no time at all. NYC was my first taste of queuing for what seemed like an eternity. 


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I am not sure pre-clearance will be happening in Abu Dhabi anytime soon, given this amendment passed by Congress in June:


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Fair enough - however the escort through immigration for F (and maybe J, but I can't be sure) class passengers manages to bypass the long lines.  When I landed and was escorted, it took 5 minutes to clear immigration (which they were apologizing profusely for), whereas colleagues that had travelled from elsewhere on non-EY flights had to wait for over an hour.  



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I understand their reasoning for blocking the legislation. I would be happy to forego pre clearance to have shorter waiting times at JFK. 

Even a fast track lane would be good. 

But until either happens, I'm reluctant to fly in for fear of queuing for 2.5 hours again. I'll fly to London and sail across instead. 

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