AirNZ Boeing 787-9 seat map

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Why does already display the 787-9 seat configuration of Air New Zealand? I thought they only displayed seat maps of the planes that were flying.


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Isn't that a matter for Ask them. Why do you think anybody here would know?


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Considering NZ's 787 is due for arrival in the comming months, NZ have obviously confirmed the layout etc of the aircraft. Also you can book flights on the 787 and that means seat select - so again that means release of the seat map. In fact it has been out for a while now.


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Maybe because Air NZ have already released the seat map on their own website?


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Alvin, your questions on here get more and more ridiculous by the day.

This site is called Australian.... Business....Traveller...

Not 'Aviation Fanboy Students'

Please keep questions relevant 

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