Has anybody used themileageclub or any anybody recommend then?

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themileageclub.comhas anyone used/recommend these guys... bunch of 1.85c/point deals happening... at this rate could buy 31500 ANA miles for $582 and could do a one way BKK-PER in business on the 787... am I dreaming or is this real?


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I would steer clear of these  types of offers,if it sounds to good to be true ,it normaly is 


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While I understand your skepticism , let me address your fears
 TheMileageclub has been selling miles since 2011 to thousands of happy Frequent flyers globally
, We do not sell you 3rd party accounts ( the bone of contention) on most Travel Forums, we Simply  Transfer Miles to your  Frequent flyer account, once the miles post to your account , you are free to issue your ticket, just like you would if miles were purchased directly through the Airlines
 We are a US based company located in New York Manhattan, our website is a very secure site ( https) - means we take  the information of our clients very seriously.
we are Authorize.net ( payment gateway we use) verified, Paypal Verified - which means if your miles dont post to your account, you can easily dispute the charges
 Better Business Bureau is considered the authoritative, objective source on whether or not a Business in the US  is trustworthy , below is the link to our rating- please note we are not accredited with them, , let me know if I could address any other questions or concerns.


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Hi MileageClub Rep,

This all sounds great, however by what mechanism does this work? For example, you offer Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer miles for sale, but my understanding is there is no way in that program to transfer miles between accounts. So how do you do it? Do you have an agreement with the airlines involved to offer this service?




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Hi There,

I will be happy to clarify the process, the miles are transferred thorough credit card points and not between accounts , as far as the agreement goes, there is  a disclaimer on our checkout page as well as in the Faq section (The Mileage Club is an independent Mileage Brokerage Firm, not affiliated with any of the Airlines Buying and selling of Airline miles is against Airline policy but not against the law, except in the sate of Utah) . please let me know if I can answer any other questions for you.


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