Paid lounges at Hong Kong

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Paid lounges at HKG. I know I said I wouldn't post any more questions but this is urgent. I usually arrive HKG airport for a flight about 1.5 hr before departure and won't have time to explore. However due to an arranged trip I have to arrive at the airport at 6:20am and I want to spend the night in a paid lounge and meet with them at the gate instead. Anybody explored HKG airport enough to find a good lounge offering paid access (in cash not miles) that doesn't cost a lot? Thanks.


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There is a Plaza Premium Lounge on level 7 of terminal 1 which allow stays up to 10 hours. Price wise 2 hours cost $400 up to $700 for 10 hours.

look at the HKG Airport website.


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It may be better to join priority pass then you can use their lounges  around the world including plaza premium in Hong Kong .go to and check it out .hope this helps 


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It sounds like you've got an early morning flight and that you want to spend the night in a lounge.

However, you may find that you won't be able to check-in until the check-in desks open up (usually 3 hours prior to departure, depending on the airline). Of course, you can check-in at the Airport Express stations in Kowloon and Central but this is also dependent on the airline you're flying (they may not allow early check-in).

The significance of this is that all lounges (aside from the CX Arrivals lounge) are airside, so you'll need to have your boarding pass to clear immigration and security.

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