How do you get to Platinum One?

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How do you get to Platinum One? I am curious to know if any fellow travelers would be kind enough to let me know how often they fly to achieve this top tier? I comfortably get to Gold (about 900ish SC) each year with a North America trip and Asia trip plus the usual domestic bits but how often do you guys really spend in the air? Also has there ever been a record for most status credits in a year?


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Hi Curly! I think people get to Platinum One status in two ways.

1. Do a lot of overseas trips in business or first class. NZ doesn't cut it, maybe not even Asia, it's really USA or London every two months, perhaps Hong Kong every month but maybe not even then. Those are a lot of hours spent up in the air!

2. Book and take a bunch of flights during a double status credit deal to close the gap between your current Platinum status and P1.

Personally though I'm not sure P1 is worth it. There was a lot of noise when Qantas launched it but I don't know if anybody really reckons P1 status is worth chasing these days. if you get it naturally, great. If you are a high-mileage Platinum and P1 is just a few flights away during a double status credit promo, you may as well go for it if you were planning to take those flights anyway. But anybody who chases P1 just for the sake of being P1 is a bit of a tosser!



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Practically it is only one way – travel for business a lot.


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As a Qantas Platinum 1 Flyer,i can tell you just far to much flying and  also  the benifits of being P1 are are little more than Platinum and i mean a little.Apart from a few special invitation events which i usually can not get to the only real advantage is  the access to upgrades,award flights, my prefered seat ,and the SYD first lounge.In my opinion P1,P,and gold deserve far better than what Qantas provide.But i really do not care,as the program over time will continue to be eroded and i prefer private air travel more so now when available to me.I also look to reduce my travel by 25% after 2014.

Curly you asked about flights.I made 8 RT paid First QF flights from LakeTahoe/LA/SYD/BNE.Each trip also involves connecting flights in the US and multiple flights with in Australia.I also make 2  RT paid for QF first trips from Australia to London,and 2 RT paid first trips from LA to LHR on BA.


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Wow Robert! With that level of expenditure and travel, how are you not pissed off that the perks of P1 are not much higher?

Have you considered SQ's PPS Club programme? They have no qualms about segregating top flyers from the bottom feeding lot.


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I really do not give a crap about P1 or the perks.Most with gold/plat deserve better and you no it as do i.The sad part is recently many are conditioned to feel as life is great. In regard the PPS club you make a great point as you regularly do I have researched this and  i am in a situation where travel is booked by my office-me owner,law office clients and we do have a contract with Qantas for travel.

TRB,based on my travel as listed above provide me with genuine real fare options and benifits and you will be compensated.

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