Qantas Sydney-Honolulu seating

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we are flying Qantas; Sydney - Honolulu in Sept 14.

I am booked into an exit row and am toying with using points to upgrade to business.

I stand at 6"8" in the old money and leg room rates a lot higher on the comfort scale than everything else and I have read the posts that the 767 currently used on the route leave a lot to be desired.

Can someone tell me wether this will be worth the effort or will I be better staying where I am in the exit row.

Thanks in advance



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Face it, any business class seat is better than an Economy Class seat.

Cathay's Premium Economy seat is useless for a four hour flight, but would be helpful for an 8+ hour flight. I say the same for Qantas business class, and if you're using points, a 9 hour 40 minute flight is definitely worth upgrading to Business. (Well, face it again, even a 3 hour flight using points is worth it, if you have enough points.)


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Hi Lurch,

I would go with the  upgrade given your height.The aircraft used on this service by Qantas are an absolute discrace.And your right old 767,s and to this day some reconfigered and some not depending on the day of service.The exit seats Lurch on the 767 provide limited extra leg room and should not be confused with the aditional exit seat space you get on an A380 or 747.Go with the upgrade,enjoy your flights and may be get some back up on your flights and secure an exit seat should the upgrades not come thu.


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With the current B767 used on the route is a 1-2-2 configuration in business and only 25 seats in J. I want to go to HNL but will not go while the B767 are operating as the seating in business is less than comfortable and the seat only reclines.  Can't wait for the A330 flys this route for QANTAS.


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Qantas are upgrading to am A330 fro the B767 on that route. 

I would be using my points to upgrade to Business.


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But when are they changing the equipment over?


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Flew this in J and Y a couple years back.   Still scheduled for 767 into next year from what i can see.  Dont think it worthwhile upgrading as only marginal leg/width difference and its an overnigh flight, so think Y exit row best.

I see you're based in Perth, so consider using Lifemiles next time to get there from SIN to HNL via NRT.  Flying there in Sept in UA first class....comparable to QF Y prices given the ripoff of QF.

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