• We are using Air BNB in Vegas in April. 2 Bed apartment, on strip, free parking, no resort fees etc etc etc. Wont stay at another hotel there after getting caned 125 dollars for 4 small bags of laundry at Circus Circus in 2016

  • We fly with them in June 18 and looking forward to the entire experience

  • I am a big guy and happily pay more for space, service is a nice bonus but not a necessity. If I can afford it I fly business but looking at the PE offering on the 787 on this eview I will be better off booking economy exit row and avoiding PE altogether. Thanks for the update.

  • First look: AirNZ's Perth lounge

    Dec 06, 2017, 11:38 PM

    Looking forward to having a look at it & Auckland in April 18.

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  • Downgraded from business to economy!

    May 24, 2018, 08:59 PM

    We returned from the USA last week and were also affected by the rescheduling of the 787's as we were flying Perth - Auck- LA, me in business, friend in economyIn our opinion AirNZ were very accommodating and very helpful in trying to satisfy our requests in what must had been a very difficult ti...

  • Quoted 22K online last month for 1 x business & 3 x PE return Perth to London; Zurich to PerthWe would have the experience with Qantas but simple economics stops us. Yes think a lot of the hype is about the zero stop but its not that big a deal given a stop at Changi only adds an hour or so ...

  • I have and use the CBA travel card which was useful in my last trip to the USA but have found its cheap putting your money in but not so getting it out so have given Qantas FF card a go this time. Keeping both cards active and valid and use a backup Bankwest Platinum MC for hotels etc.The lady at...

  • As one who is above average height & weight ( 2.0m & 120kg) over spill concerns me and I try to keep to my little piece of assigned real estate where ever possible.That said it really pisses me off when I see the shorties in exit row seats so sure something can be done about that issue a...

  • Interesting LAX departure time

    Nov 27, 2017, 10:25 PM

    We chose ANZ Perth - LA via Auckland for a trip in April 18. Booked very early and got business priced at a considerably lower price that that offered by Qantas. We dont fly a lot but have always flown Qantas as a first choice but the gap in narrowing and we thought we would have a go with anothe...

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