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Fello ausbt readers, I cant seem to make my mind up and need your advise. I am planning a trip to the US in September and don't know which airline I should fly United or Delta. I have to head to NYC - SAN - SAC - SYD. They both offer an amazing deal in J & both have the biggest pulling factor - STATUS. With United I will qualify for Star Alliance Gold and with Delta I will qualify for Elite Plus.

Who do I choose? Please help.


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Just arrived back in oz after flying UA business SYD-SFO-JFK return on a 777 and 757. Here's a few thoughts:

Backwards facing fully flat seats were ok but a bit narrow as they squeeze 8 across (2-4-2)

Flight attendents all very old and generally quite nice

UA lounges in America are abysmal

Food in air ok

The icecream sunday trolley is a hit

My wife and I got *A gold with the flight but we'd probably choose a different carrier next time. UA not in the same league as other international carriers I've flown 



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Martin intersting question. I'm an Aussie living in NYC and find Delta a much better experience to fly with than United. I avoid United usually - everything about them is ordinary, but I guess if it came to cost, then sometimes they are cheaper.

Delta however have a pretty bad reward scheme - flights within the US are super expensive to redeem (40,000miles to fly 1 way across the country is very common) and the times I have looked to transfer points to the Delta program I have been surprised at how expensive their redemptions are. 

My personal preference would be to have status with star alliance over Skyteam as none of the Skyteam airlines appeal. You could better use your Star Alliance from australia with SQ and TG if that is where your travels take you.

Hope that helps...


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I couldnt comment regarding United, however Delta has huge flexibility and the most flights accross the US, and from report they have a better FF program.

On Delta flights i've requested points/status allocation to Velocity program. This works well!

As you are based in Australia, and unless you are comfortably achieving ongoing top-tier status with Velocity, i would recommend doing the same.......


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Depends what statuses you have at the moment.

Globally I'd much rather have Star Alliance Gold than Skyteam Gold. But in Australia, Delta Gold will get you (I assume) privileges on Virgin whereas Star Gold gets you nothing.

As an actual airline, Delta tends to be much better than United which is currently in a death spiral of cranky employees, disaffected customers and a let's-cut-everything mentality, so just for the flight I'd choose Delta.


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Indeed - and you know Untied* is in trouble when DELTA** is the preferred carrier.

* deliberate

** Doesn't Ever Leave The Airport, or so they said...

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