Your experiences with Korean Airlines..?

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I am due to head to Korea and then onto LAX with Korean Airlines. Has anybody had experience with them? Are there any reviews? Oh I am in Prestige Class which is what they call their business class



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Just a curiosity - no-one else flys to Korea?


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Asiana fly from Sydney to Seoul


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Here's a trip report for the JFK - ICN flight.  If your flight to LAX is also on an a380, it should be a comparable review.


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I flew Korean Air in Business Class from Vancouver to Sydney just over 12 months ago and I wasn't expecting anything special, but they were really good.  The Inflight Entertainment system was easy to use and had a great selection.  Food was great as well.


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how was the transfer in Incheon? looked at the connection from SYD-YVR and it was less than an hour last time I checked! Forums on tripadvisor recommend more than one hour transitting ICN...


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It was pretty quick and easy.  I was in a wheelchair at the time with a fractured ankle being pushed by a ground staff member.  But the distances didn't seem that long. I did feel for the poor KE Ground Staff member pushing my 100kg frame in the chair with a smile on her face the whole time.


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I have never had a bad flight with Korean. Their service in the air is very good, food and entertainment well above average. Transitting in Incheon is easy. If you are flying straight through on one ticket, Korean ground staff will make sure you reach your connection no matter how tight the transit is. If you have many hours to kill (sometimes happens on the way back from US), they even put me up at a hotel near the airport to freshen up, with all meals included. I would rate their lounges slightly ahead of Qantas Intl Business Lounges in Mel or Syd. Definitely recommended.


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03/03/2016 KE Sydney to Seoul and then Seoul to JFK. Prestige class on A380 both legs. On the first leg there were more flight crew than passengers. The second leg was far from full. The lounge in Sydney was below average for food and beverage. The seat on the A380 is configured 2+2+2. Narrow, not much padding and uncomfortable. No underlay provided. Food on Sydney to Seoul was below average. The first meal was served two hours into the flight and then ALL the window shades pulled down and lights out completely. It was a daylight flight. The bar only serves vodka cocktails and offers a mediocre selection of snacks when available. The lounge in Seoul also had below average food and beverage options. The flight to JFK departed 10am and lunch was served immediately. Once again blinds closed and lights out until woken mid flight for another mediocre and rushed meal. The FAs are trained to say "it's hot. Be careful..." Every time they serve you a hot drink. Sims up the service nicely. IFE just adequate. 3.5 stars from me. 

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