Seat selection VA on NZ when not available online.

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Seat selection VA on NZ when not available online.

On NZ176 in 2 weeks, booked as VA7446. It says seat selection not available online. Is that because it's code-share or does no one get advance seat selection online on Air NZ? (I don't want a specific seat, just a window) Is it worth calling VA or NZ to try to book a seat or is my only option to wait until check in and most likely get a centre?



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I guess it's a bit like QF bookings that have JQ legs in them, mind you JQ call centre were next to useless for me. I called to asked about seats and was told I needed to pay JQ $58.02 not collected from QF.  And then a seat fee. 

If you have a separate NZ booking reference, try raining Air NZ


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It depends which product you've selected. Seat select is included for The Works and above, but if you've purchased Seat or Seat+Bag, you can still purchase the seat select option. If there is the NZ booking reference, try that on the NZ website. Failing that, try calling VA first as it's their code on the booking.


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Hi Tronek,

The problem you have encountered occurs with all Virgin Australia codeshare bookings on partner airlines.

I stepped off a codeshare flight with SQ yesterday and can confirm after a lot of correspondance with VA over the past several weeks about this very issue, seat selection cannot be made on codeshare bookings online or by the call centre until airport check-in.

This is a result of a limitation of VA's Sabre booking system not working nicely with partner systems. Its a massive problem that they are looking to fix. I mentioned to them that I personally would never make a code share booking again on a partner airline until such a simple issue was fixed. You also can't change flights online or do a web-check in.

Unfortunately you have to just hope by getting to the airport as the check-in desk opens you can get the seat you want. (As long as no one has pre-selected it first of course)

Hope you get the one you're after. (I didn't yesterday when I left Changi Airport) :(


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Thanks all for the advice
aviation - It was booked through VA as a business saver seat.
Gian - Thanks for the background info. I booked codeshare because I need the status credits to make Velocity Platinum, and the timing of the direct flight PER-AKL worked best for me, both of which are more important than getting a window seat (especially at night) but I would still like to tick that box if I can. I'll just turn up early and hope for the best.

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