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Who has the best BUSINESS Class domestically within Australia? Virgin or Qantas?

I want to fly to Perth over the X Mass & NYE break and want to know who is really the better airline.


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Perhaps the best comparison could be made by flying one airline outbound, the other in...


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I thought AusBT already has a few articles comparing the two airlines domestically throughout Australia?


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I would strongly recommend Virgin Australia.  The business class on their A330 aircraft is unbeatable. The cuisine is outstanding, crew are young, vibrant and happy, and the overall experience is fantastic.  Much preferred over Qantas...who have an older, ageing fleet of aircraft and the crew have an average age of about 50!


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Age = Experience, wisdom & wit = Pleasant experience 


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Do you have any other considerations other than 'best'? If not, I'd recommend Qantas on a day flight.


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I would give preference to Qantas but make sure it's on an A330 200 but it all depends on things like lounges as Qantas has a Business lounge and what airline you are a FF in ,to capture the benefits of your points and status points .whichever you use enjoy your trip!


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I find QF has the better domestic J class package than VA in terms of schedule, lounges (esp domestic business lounge), IFE, food (both in lounge and in-flight) and seating (only in B737s). But for me who pays for my flights out of pocket (not by the company or taxpayer's money), I've switched to VA business class principally because it is heaps better value for money (and points too - both accruing and burning). At the end of the day, the most you'll travel is 4 hrs or so and on average 1-2 hours - VA domestic J class is still a good product, but I find it falls a bit short compared to QF on several fronts. Having said that, I'd rather use the savings towards an international J/F class trip! :)


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Hi Martin, On the ground QF have far better lounges but in the air as long as you are on the VA 330 then they have a far superior product for both seating and meal. But this is just my opinion. It depends on what you are looking for.


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Thank you all for you feed back. I am with both QFF & Velocity. I tend to look for the service aspect. I may try one there and the other back. 


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I'd definitely recommend VA as the new QF Coast to Coast seats have not been installed yet, and their current Business seating is far behind the VA standard on their new a330s. Just make sure you get a new a330! 

If you do a red eye you will also get the international style amenity kits! 

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