I am a Qantas Platinum FF.

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I am a Qantas Platinum FF. I require 55 status points by the end of May to retain - what's the chances Qantas will allow me to stay at this level if I don't fly again before May 31? Alternatively, what's the easiest way to earn 55 status points? Thanks!


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I doubt they would, but it might be worth calling them and asking. If they don't the easiest way to earn 55 status points if you don't have the cash to pay for a business seat would be to book an any seat award in business class return from say MEL - SYD (or equivalent). Any seat awards still earn status credits and MEL - SYD would be 80 status points return. You can then use the points plus pay option and outlay as little as 32 000 points for that return flight


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Was your travel in the later half of 2011 disrupted by the grounding/industrial action?

I was 5 status points off getting my additional Platinum benefits (ie: 50k bonus points) so I called them because moved 20 odd flights to Virgin during the action. This would have added around 400-600 extra status points if I hadn't taken my business elsewhere. They were quite understanding.


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Thanks for that advice. 

I did travel once by Virgin due to uncertainty around the time of the dispute.

I also see that there is a double-status bonus when booking flights in the next couple of months, which should also help.

Happy landings!

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