London Heathrow T3 Transfers.

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London Heathrow T3 Transfers.

I am going to be arriving in LHR Terminal 3 on a BA flight from Spain. My connecting flight is on American to the U.S., also from Terminal 3. Can I transfer without having to go through security again? Is it a simple matter of just staying 'airside'?


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This would depend on whether or not your bags have been tagged through to your final destination. If they are able to do this, usually they are also able to check you in (and issue your boarding pass) for your connecting flight. Meaning you would be able to stay airside. If they are unable to issue you your boarding pass for your connecting flight, I am not aware of T3 having an airside transfer/check in facility, unlike some airports, which would mean having to exit and check-in at the normal place (meaning you would have to clear secuity again).


It also depends on how long your connection is. If it is an overnight connection there is nowhere to sleep  airside, meaning you would need to exit the terminal and return the next day (and clear security again).


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you go through security even if its a straight connection. ive done it.


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At airports where security procedures are performed centrally, typically after check-in, passengers are required to undergo security checks as they disembark an aircraft, before heading to the gate of their onward flight. Example, Melbourne and Sydney airports.

Where security procedures are performed at the gates, prior to embarkation of aircraft, you will find that security procedures are not required as you disembark an aircraft. You will also find at these airports both incoming and outgoing passengers interact freely within the departure area. Example Singapore and Kuala Lumpur airports.

London Heathrow's security arrangement is based on the central model. Incoming passengers, who have just gotten off a flight are segregated until they have gone through security. After which they are let into the departure area, even if it is the same terminal of their incoming flight.


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BA and AA are oneworld, so yes, your bags can be checked all the way to the US.

You will however, need to re-do a small security check after you attend to the transfers desk. The line will be much smaller than regular security and shouldn't take to long. But, like everyone else has said, it will depend on the length of your layover, as the airport is not 24/7.

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