Taking restricted drugs into the UAE?

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Taking restricted drugs into the UAE?


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Bah, sorry, I clicked enter too soon.

A family member has booked a few days in Dubai on her way to Europe early next year. She's a fairly seasoned traveller, but hasn't come across restrictions like the UAE has on some drugs before.

The drug she takes is called Quetiapine - it's not banned, just restricted. There are others as well, but they all seem to be fine. 

Does anyone know exactly what the process/requirements are for carrying a restricted drug into the UAE? I've never had to do it, don't know anyone who has, and the information online is extremely confusing. Some people are saying just carry a prescription, others are saying she needs a letter that has been verified/notarised by all sorts of different agencies and whatnot. 

I've told her to contact the UAE consulate/embassy and see what they say, but was just curious as to whether anyone had any experience with this in the past. 


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Get a letter from her doctor or specialist stating what she is taking and why.that is what I do and carry it when traveling.if you are still concerned ring their  Embassy and ask if the letter will be ok.



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Hi am,

I get these questions all the time, good reference point is usually embassy websites.



Hope the link above helps. From experience speaking to patients who travel overseas (I've spoken to many who have transitted through Dubai) they haven't had problems provided they keep the box of the medication with the label from their pharmacy (which is by Australian law supposed to state the Dr who wrote the prescription). Don't think the medication quetiapine is likely to be of much concern. 

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