Flying China Eastern J class PVG - MEL.

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Flying China Eastern J class PVG - MEL.

Hi all, flying J Mel to PVG with QF via Sydney where i know what to expect, however direct flight back with China Eastern. Not sure what to expect in J. I believe they use the newer A330-200 on this route, not too worried as long as there is a decent flat seat and the foods ok as its a night time flight. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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I fly China Eastern regulary to PVG and find them really good. Look they are no QF but for the price they are worth it. Food when leaving PVG is better than from SYD or MEL. 


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Yes you are right, they fly their newer A330-200.  The hard product on board is great.  Fully flat beds are very comfortable. Food is pretty good. Wine selection is fairly poor though (as it is on several Asian carriers).  One bad point is the "lounge" in Shanghai - small room, No usable wifi, no hot food, no wine, warm beer, uncomfortable seating. Stay up in the main terminal area and pay for a drink if you want one.

But on board is the experience is great.


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Not a Big problem, however all flights out of and to Melbourne are operated by their subsidiary Shanghai Airlines, who operate a A332.


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In the beginning they were using Shanghai Airlines planes on a wet lease basis. We flew with when they used Shanghai Airlines planes. It was quite an experience, flight cabin door left open for most of the trip, you could stand and watch the pilots flying the plane. No VOP, only handheld video, and no english movies just Chinese, including one on Mao's life. One of the FA spilt a glass of coke on to a guy and his new laptop, laptop no workee no more.

I agree that the lounge is basis (I'm being kind), and the transfer was a nightmare.

But travel is an adventure, and I did strangely enjoy flying with China eastern Airlines.

Martin are they still Cheap.

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