• BA upgrades Club Europe meals

    Sep 05, 2018, 10:02 AM

    Oh God they need to!We flew Club Europe Athens-LHR on the 6th August,We Flew on a rotten 767, The seats were broken, did not recline. Flight attendants didn't care, BA service centre still have not responded to my complaint!Service was akin to Tiger!Food was something Qantas wouldn't serve in Eco...

  • Hi all, apologies in advance if this is a stupid question.We have a Qfff reward booking on Qatar, In J (booking code U)Sin-Doha-Beg, will lounge access still be available to us in Singapore and Doha?Cheers

  • 18 332VH-EBA-EBG, EBJ-EBS and EBV10 333VH-QPA-QPJ

  • SGB, My 6 year old behaves better than some adults. You are entitled to your opinion, however when I pay an adult ticket price for my 6 year old to sit in Business she can enjoy the little luxuries as well.

  • Yep spot on, Exactly that. Its the chiller 

  • Please be aware, Qantas policy and Casa requirements require all infants below the age of 24 months to be seating on a lap with an infant seat belt.

  • Originally Posted by mushmush even as platinum last year i could only secure 1 seat 5 months out, i couldn't secure one for my wife. So we booked them outright and low and behold on the day of flying there was 3 empty seats in business! We will never know the exact method of allocation or what a...

  • Originally Posted by reno I pay the premiem you need to keep out of my cabin And I Pay a PREMIUM, to allow my child to travel comfortably. My 6 year old is better behaved than a lot of pretentious and rude adults!!!ChrisB,We have been travelling with our child in premium cabins since she was 5 ...

  • Qantas' a330-200 international

    Jul 05, 2018, 02:46 PM

    This is correct, if you see 27J/224Y it would stipulate a longer range reconfigured A332.However a 28J/243Y / 27J/243Y, would be standard reconfigured A332 or Standard reconfigured A332 with aseat locked out for T/Crew

  • Qantas' a330-200 international

    Jul 05, 2018, 01:26 PM

    The 27J You see is any of the re-configured A332.The reason for for the 27J not 28J, is currently the reconfigured QF332 do not have Tech crew rest facilities, unlike the QF333.The drop in available seat becomes the ‘tech crew rest’’ thus only 27 J seats are available for sale. ...