When will Qantas top up its 787-9 order?

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When will Qantas top up its 787-9 order?

Qantas right now has 8 787 orders, 15 options and 30 purchase rights, obviously Qantas will end up with more than 8 but does anyone know when Qantas will top up the order and whether it may convert some options to 777X or 787-10 orders. Id expect Qantas to announce something regarding this when it announces its full year profit early next year


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AJT: Qantas has not announced any dates and to be honest, the news that they'll take the first eight is barely months old and those deliveries won't begin until the end of 2017 – so relax. Chill. All things will unfold in the fullness of time, grasshopper. :P


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Agreed entirely.

I wouldn't expect QF to announce any additional Dreamliner orders before the delivery of the first 787-9 Dreamliner.

Very few airlines can order a ton of longhaul aircraft at the same time, and QF isn't one of those. Give QF time and they'll slowly grow the 787 fleet. They've got lots of orders and options, so they have plenty of flexibility as things go forward.

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Me thinks July 18, 2017 after the investor day. Regards, Nostradamus.


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How about we wait until they actually get some delivered, or even under production....

I have no doubt that additional 787s will be ordered, and would also expect an order for 350s/777Xs to ultimately replace the remaining 744ERs for circa 2020 delivery.

It also surprises me that Qantas hasn't ordered any 787s for Jetstar Asia to compete with some of the Scoot destinations.


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More A380's are needed!!


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The A380 is a great aircraft, but are more A380s really necessary?

QF have said 12 is enough for them. They don't have many large-capacity routes which they cannot upgauge via frequency. A380s so far have only been used on SYD/MEL to LHR (via DXB)/LAX, and seasonal SYD/HKG flights. And SYD/DFW.

The A380 is designed for high-demand routes flying into slot-restricted airports. Apart from LHR, HKG (mostly restricted by legislation) and Tokyo Haneda I really don't know what airports QF services actually NEED the A380 (even QF doesn't think Haneda needs an A380 given they use a 747 on the route!).

I like A380s. They're comfy and roomy. My 14 hour flights with Emirates in A380s have been awesome even in Business. But "more A380s = more awesome airline" simply makes no sense.

Qantas needs Dreamliners and probably 777X's. It has enough A380s for now.. and its got 8 orders for the future, so it doesn't have to take the extra jets for a long time (which means the later jets will have PIPs and the like).

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