I have a question relating to the Q/EK relationship.

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I have a question relating to the Q/EK relationship. I currently have both QFF and Skywards points but have switched my allegiances towards EK (we fly internationally most and much prefer them).

Planning a trip next year (~ June) and will be booking EK. Do you think it will be possible to use QFF points on that EK flight to upgrade (or at least the Sydney --> Dubai leg)? Or will I only be able to use EK points on an EK flight (booked through EK)?

I suppose the alternative would be to book a codeshare on Qantas but I want to take advantage of early bird specials and book soon.

Secondly, and sort of related, do you think it will be harder to get upgrades on Emirates now that a lot of Qantas passengers will fly business? It's far easier to upgrade with points on EK than it is Qantas but I fear that will now become a lot more difficult.


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On your second question - I think the lack of Qantas upgrades is a supply issue, not a demand issue. I don't think a lot of Qantas passengers fly business, and I hardly think the small number of Australians flying business will swamp Emirates' business class! 


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If you primarily fly internationally then you are doing the right thing to switch your allegiance towards EK especially if you travel to Europe/Africa a lot.  WIth frequent flyer memberships it is nearly always best to join the airline you are going to fly the most - to try and ensure proper status recognition, redeeming points etc

According to the T and C's of the agreement you will be able to redeem points on either airline.  You are also very correct in saying that is easier to upgrade using points on EK (Ive even seen it done on board the aircraft)

As stated by spinoza this deal for EK with QF is not suddenly going to overwhelm them with new passengers. A high percentage of Australian business travel is economy class (believe it or not despite the travelling distances that need to be done), and it is a very small population

This is not a new market for EK they already have it very well covered, the deal with QF is just helping to take more of that market and move their passengers more easily onto feeder services in Australia. It is one of several codeshare agreements they already have in place with airlines like Korean, Jal and South African, with more to come Im sure. Again if you travel predominantly internationally  it is why you should have your allegiance to EK.  All airlines bias towards their own frequent flyers

What you need to ensure if buying an "early bird" deal or similar is that the fare type being sold allows upgrades with points etc - that is an area most airlines are getting very strict on


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Thanks for your responses!

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