What is better for a family of 4, 2 va gold or one va platinum?

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What is better for a family of 4, 2 va gold or one va platinum? We will accrue 1000 sc's between the 4 of us on a j trip to sin. Wondering if I should be greedy and take them all for me to become va plat or share the love with my bride for 2 va gold. Most of our domestic travel is holidays in va/ qf in economy. Most of our overseas is ow in j, often by redemption. Just wondering what you all thought is plat worth double gold?


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As you seem to travel together for the most part Platinum may seem like the option to go for, if I'm not mistaken you can get up to 3 guests in the lounge plus you get 4 upgrades from Flexible fare, but on the other hand I think I would be tempted to go for Gold. You both would be given access to the lounge +1 guest each (so family covered) but you would both also get extra baggage allowance as opposed to only you getting extra baggae on Platinum. Also on the odd occassion you do travel separately, it woul mean your wife still has the benefits if she is not travelling with you. Also if you family pool points after you get the Golds you would both be earning an extra 75% points instead of just you earning 100% extra points.


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Also consider that Plat is essentially Gold for the following year (soft landing) which might be useful depending on flying patterns.

And Plat can give you a Hilton Diamond card


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In regards to the comment above, if the Hilton was a considertion, I'd actually be going for the 2x Gold. 

I've not noticed much of a change since being HHonors Gold to DIamond, apart from more suite upgrades but Diamonds still only get a +1 for breakfast or the lounge if included in the rate...

If you were a family booking two rooms with two golds, you'd have breakfast and benefits for all 4. 

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If most of your travel is together with the family go for platinum (as you mentioned you can get them all in the lounge) but if not give the gold to the missus so at least she gets the benefits also if travelling separately

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