what time are QFF awards released?

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what time are QFF awards released?

I understand that they are release 330 days in advance but is this at00:00:01 or 9 am? Also what success for award requests have you had? I am P and have recently asked for 4 J awards to SIN, knocked back is this due to being 330 days out, is it worth holding on and trying again in a week or 2?


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You can currently book classic awards through to 20/4/2017, more like 353 days in advance.  Last time I tried to book on the day of release, the time was variable.


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I am of the understanding that QFF rewards start to release at 251- 253 days out from travel. In my experience I have never seen a consistent time for release but when I have tried it has been around mid morning EST. Also it will depend on when you want to travel, i.e. peak times, school holidays route, etc. I had 100% success rate as a P, using the redemption service on 5 occasions, however I am normally only looking for 1-2 seats, 4 is high. 

My tip is if possible have some flexibility in your booking e.g. 1-2 days either side of your preferred departure date and also departure point. 

I redeemed 2 x J seats to the US a week ago, this was my first request as a P1. I had asked for a Fri, Sat or Sun departure from Adl through Syd or Mel to USA.  To my surprise they approved all days and both departure points.   



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They unpredictable and there is no guarantee whatsoever to get your seat even if you open your browser next second after release. Moreover they can release more seats at random time and can withdraw them as well. Only advise can be given – keep trying. It would be nice to have Qantas insider, would nit it?

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