JQ7 on time performance.

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JQ7 on time performance. Any ideas why this is so poor.


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It's a LCC.

Everything from Engineering, crew, spare parts. All on a shoe string budget.

Unfortunately you get what you pay for.


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Its a tight turnaround normally with aircraft coming from JQ18 or JQ36, so if something goes wrong there is no time to catch it up.

Flightstats shows its roughly on-time 2/3 of the time, but excessively delayed (which I think is 2hr+) the other 1/3


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You haven't been on Tiger yet...



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Never use JQ7, but flew few times with JQ29 and they was perfectly on time. Saying that I should add that JQ is LCC, so they save everywhere – they have no spare aircrafts, they minimize stay over in foreign port and so on. So if everything fine they perfectly on time, but if anything going wrong it can do so badly. Fly with SQ if you want redundancy and performance. 


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I've recently experienced jetstars lack of spare aircraft. My flight to Phuket was delayed by 10 hours due to aircraft breaking down in Japan. They gave us 2 days warning via email which made it fine for me but it does show how their network is affected when something goes wrong. 

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