Has anyone received the 80,000 Commonwealth Awards points

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Has anyone received the 80,000 Commonwealth Awards points


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Just wondering if anyone has recieved the 80,000 Commonwealth Awards points yet?. Twice ive spoken to commonwealth bank staff, one saying i get them 60 days after hitting 1,000 spent which has already passed and the other saying i get them at the end of the promotional period.


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I signed up with the CBA to get the 80k points last year. It took FOREVER to get the points. Even with the most generous definition of 60 days, it took an extra month. I phoned a number of times and they said 'they were coming'. Eventually they did. Just hold in there...


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I called up about my missing points. First was told some special code was missing from my application meaning i am ineligible and i also haven't paid the qantas fee so obviously wouldn't get them. Told them i signed up when fee  was waived and they were like ok. But we still don't have this special code.


Called commbank awards who confirmed i qualify but dont know where my points are. They said they would get back to me. That was 2 weeks ago


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Although in the article it states you have to pay the annual fee which i have not yet done both times ive spoken to commbank staff they said i was still elidgable. Hopefully that is the case.


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I signed up last year and got the diamond card under their wealth package. I didn't even realise they had an 80k sign up bonus til it appeared in my account which was the following month. Very quick back then.


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It took months and several phone calls for me to get my points.

The first two people I spoke to at CBA tried to tell me that I was ineligable because I didn't explicity "opt-in" to receive the points, which I knew was incorrect but they refused to budge. I eventually found a screen shot I'd taken of the sign-up page which stated that customers would automatically be opted in to the program. After emailing this to a third person at CBA they agreed that I was eligable and the points came about a month after that (5 months in total after I had qualified). 

I also had to call in order to be credited back the annual fee. 

This process was definitely not handled as well by CBA as other banks that have run similar sign-up bonus offers that I have taken part in like HSBC or ANZ.

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