• A hanger event to usher in a new era of flying has to got to be plane related. Im really hoping for new wide bodies to assist United the same way Virgin assisted Delta with that partnership. The transpacific routes are such a big market and was fruitful for Virgin in the past.  The branding,...

  • Agreed. This was definitely done when the VA MAX order was rejigged in December last year (peak covid). There is no way VA has left it up to now to secure planes for its resumption for long distance international flying - with increased demand with international green zones 

  • pardon my ignorance. If I fly with bags, i'll need to check in normally at t4 walk ten plus minutes to t3 wait to go through security then walk back to t4. why not just upgrade the security at t4 

  • This is definitely a far greater outcome than boeing re-engineering the 757 or 767. I can see this option coming to fruition and boeing wanted to consolidate the same production line to build a smaller capacity/less range version of this airliner to take over the 737 max program.

  • Now that the dust is settling on the management shake-up at virgin, I still have my fingers crossed the virgin loyalists (myself included) get the outcome we were promised.I'd like to make a two points, firstly I was a massive fan of Paul with what he was able to do at virgin in such little time....

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