Can I use Qantas Lounge at Heathrow Term 5

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Can I use Qantas Lounge at Heathrow Term 5


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Qantas does not have a lounge at Heathrow Terminal 5. Qantas operates out of Heathrow Terminal 3 only.

There are only 3 types of lounges at Heathrow Terminal 5:

  1. BA lounges
  2. PAYG Aspire Lounge
  3. Priority Pass accessible Sofitel Hotel @ Terminal 5 "Arrivals Lounge".

Depending on your Oneworld status or class of travel on BA metal, you may be able to access the BA lounges at Terminal 5 free of charge. But if you're flying on Qantas from Terminal 3, you will not be able to access the Terminal 5 lounges.



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IDear Fellow Travellers,

am arriving at London Heathrow Terminal 5 at 2.15 pm on QF 9 from Dubai { Business Class }.  I depart London Heathrow from Terminal 3 on a Business Class BA Flight to Berlin at 7.05 pm that eveing. I do not have any checked luggage to worry about.

So I will have afew hours to partake of the Lounge experience previously not experienced at London Heathrow.

I am trying to find out the best lounge to use...for comfort. and mainly . I know this can be a persnoal decision, but all comments are welcome. 

Can I remain at Terminal 5 and use the BA Lounges there?  

I am also a Priority Pass Member which entitles me to access to 2 lounges at Terminal 3 Heathrow, namely the Swissport Lounge and the No.1 Heathrow Lounge. And also the The Lounge, Aspire and Spa at Terminal 5 and Clun Milesine at Sofitel Trerminal 5.

All comments welcome.


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Hi Jordan,

As other people have mentioned,QANTAS operate out of Terminal 3.

All British Airways flights to and from Berlin operate from Terminal 5, not T3.

The BA Galleries South in T5 would be your best bet as far as lounges go.


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QF 9 lands into London Heathrow (LHR) Terminal 3. Upon disembarkation, follow the purple signposts for transit passengers, where a free bus service will transport you to LHR Terminal 5. Upon arrival at LHR Terminal 5, follow the purple signposts to the 1st checkpoint. There, a Fast Track queue is available for OW Elite and First/Business passenger, which you are. The agents there will scan your boarding pass, if you have one. If you do not have a boarding pass for LHR/TXL head to the transit counter after you get off the bus but before hearding to the 1st checkpoint.

Once you clear the 1st checkpoint you will take an escalator up to the 2nd checkpoint. Here again there will be a Fast Track queue for OW Elite/First/Business. The 2nd checkpoint is the security check. Heathrow is anal about liquids (more so than in the US). Be sure to put liquids in a zip lock bag.

Once you've cleared security, follow the signs to the South Gallery Lounge, which is slightly bigger and better than the North Gallery Lounge. You will probably depart LHR Terminal 5 from the A gates. If however your gate is a B gate, there is another Galleries lounge near B gates, which is accessible using the Terminal train transit system. If your flight leaves from the C gates, I suggest you just stick the lounges at the main terminal. The Business lounge at South Galleries is on the 3rd level but showers are on the 2nd level. If you want a shower, head to the shower reception at level 2 first before making your way to the lounge proper.


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Hi Jordan,

QF 9 arrives into Heathrow terminal 3, and not terminal 5.  If your BA flight to Berlin does indeed leave from Terminal 3, then you will have an easy connection.

As a general observation, if your flight did arrive into Terminal 5, it is my experienc with Heathrow that you are ferried through transfer security or immigration directly after deplaning (i.e., you don't enter the general terminal).  In this instance you would not have access to the lounges in Terminal 5.

As an even further generalised observation, if you are flying Business Class and have no other status, the Cathay Pacific lounge in Terminal 3 surpasses any of the Business Class lounges in Terminal 5.  In addition, BA has a Galleries lounge in Terminal 3 which is more or less the same quality as the Galeries lounge in Terminal 5.

Richard Brown

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As at two weeks ago the Cathay lounge in Heathrow T3 was still under rennovation. The American Airline lounge (with Qantas access) used instead was a poor alternative.



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Hi Jordan

QF9 arrives into terminal 3 not 5 and most BA flights then go from terminal 5 (although things do change) - transfering from T3 to T5 is relatively simple but is done airside without entering into the main terminal as Realkid says - so you wont have the chance to use T3 lounges.

T5 lounges are IMHO better than T3 BA lounges but much of a muchness really - have not tried either of the pay for entry lounges at T5 though to compare


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My quick check of the BA website shows LHR to TXL (Berlin) - BA 988 at 1905 - leaving from T5.

So you'll arrive at T3 on QF and then transfer to T5.

Check your itinerary though.

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