Does anybody here own shares in any airlines?

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Does anybody here own shares in any airlines? If so are you game to reveal which airlines and have they delivered much of a return?


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To get the ball rolling on this, none of the AusBT team hold shares in any airline, as this would be unethical.

It's a bit of a bummer from time to time – when you get a real 'feel' for how an airline is improving and have confidence in their direction, when you can see how everything fits together, and the current price represents a bargin because things will be on the up – but that is far outweighed by the ethics of not holding shares in the area you report on.

(I've never done that in my decades as a tech journo, and this includes the dot-com boom and several mini-booms as well as the rise of star players, and also the period around 2004-2005 when Apple was trading at $30, yikes!)


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All financial advisors that I have spoken to or dealt with have always said the same thing... You don't buy shares in an airline if you want to make money... So as much as I like travel I would never buy shares in any airline.


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My view is that as a long term investment, the industry as a whole is not a good one. For short term trading, like anything else, you just need good timing. However in the long run, you want a stock that either has good growth potential or is stable and consistently pays dividend. Looking at industry internationally, there is high competition and little profits. Because governments refuse to let the industry consolidate, this will only continue.

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