Earning Qantas status credits: confusion with Malaysia Airlines

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I have recently flown SIN to KUL on MH in J. The status credit calculator quotes 20 SC's as a P FF. I have been awarded 10 SC's at the flexible economy rate as per the SC tables buried on the QF website. I have challenged this with QFF and sent them a screenshot of the SC earn and await to here back. It was interesting to see the incongruity between the SC calculator and their own tables which state that flights in business will only attract the PE rate!


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As far as I am aware for the SIN-KUL sector  should earn at the Business Rate. They do give lesser  (i.e. Economy) Status Credits for various sectors (Flights between Australia and Malaysia, UK or Europe; New  Zealand and Malaysia, UK or Europe*; and Malaysi and UK, Europe* or Middle East) but that doesn't include SIN-KUL

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I recently flew Sydney to Langkawi via KUL in MH Business.  I am QF platinum.  I earned 30 SC for the SYD-KUL leg and 40 SC for the KUL-LGK leg.  I think it particularly ridiculous that I earned more SC for a 40min flight costing less that $100 than I did for an 8hr one costing around $2,000.  Given that Qantas does not fly to Malaysia, I don't understand why the SCs went down so dramatically for flights into and out of Australia on MH.  I know this happened a few years ago now, but I still haven't gotten over it.  I travel to KL quite a bit and often connect domestically within Malaysia - the alternative of using Qantas to SIN to then have to take 2 short hop flights to get to my final destination isn't worth the hassle.

But back to the actual question - I agree with Brinkers - shouldn't SIN-KUL earn at the Business rate?


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Qantas want you to fly with them.... and if you can't fly with them they want you to fly with Jetstar and that's the way the QFF program is oriented.  You get more points and SC's when you stick with the Qantas Group - it's a deliberate strategy - simply being Oneworld is not enough.  I remember when MEL-KUL would haul you 120SC's in J on MH - not anymore!

Personally I think QF (and EK for that matter) would have far more to gain than lose by bringing MH into the fold as a full JSA partner and all the benefits that brings.  MH has a pretty good intra-Asian network, timing and connections through KUL are good, the MH product regionally is pretty good too.  


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Possibly since the flight is under 250 miles which only earns 5/10/20 instead of 10/20/40. It's buried at the bottom of the page under 50 other charts 


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Doesn't make sense 30 SC syd to KL 60 SC kl to yangon


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im flying this in January so interested to hear the response..should be 20 SC by my reckoning


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So an answer from QFF:


Thank you for contacting the Qantas Frequent Flyer Service Centre.

I've identified that the flights in question were credited to your account under the incorrect fare types of Economy 'Y' and Economy 'Q', where you had booked Economy 'M' and Business 'D'. I've now added the correct amount of Qantas Points and Status Credits to your account.

If you'd like to know more, please visit qantas.com/frequentflyer or call the Qantas Frequent Flyer Service Centre on 13 11 31 between 7am and 7pm (AEST) Monday to Saturday, where a member of our team will be happy to assist you. If calling from overseas, visit qantas.com/contactus for your local contact number. Please have your Frequent Flyer number and PIN available.

Kind regards

Qantas Frequent Flyer Service Centre

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It is ridiculous for QF not to partner with MH to tap into the South East region routes (particularly Malaysia market).  Currently, no direct flights between AUS capital cities and KUL (since the drop out of EK codeshare: EK408 and EK409).  If you want to fly to KUL, you will need to take indirect flights via SIN on QF then JQ to KUL or Penang, and connecting flight timings aren't that convenient either, especially for those who have to travel to non KUL cities.  It is a real big hassle to fly Qantas to Malaysia which is now giving other airlines (such as AirAsia, Malindo, TigerAir - soon to be rebranded as Scoot, Singapore Airlines and Royal Brunei Airways) the business for direct or better connecting flights.

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