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Hi Guys, 'm about to request a MEL-LHR upgrade (return) from business to first (using FF points) for myself and my wife. Although I understand the priority of CL-P1-P-G-S-B but do QF also prioritise within a tier for life time gold. For example would P1/lifetime gold get priority over P1?

Just want know "who maybe" ahead of us in the queue and hence our chances of this coming through. I'm currently P1/LTG



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As far as I am aware, there is no additional tier in the queue. I have just done that upgrade, and is well worth it. I am P and pretty much always get the upgrade if I request it on that flight, so I think as a P1, you should be fine. F cabin was half empty two weeks ago when I did the flight.


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Check expertflyer for F availability, it is unlikely that it will be heavily booked. If seats are available then you are likely to be successful. Bear in mind that if you are several months out the F cabin can potentially fill in the last few weeks. Do you have enough points for a classic award outright in F? if so you may be better asking for 2 F award tickets ( phone the premium line and ask for an awards request) then cashing in your J tickets? At least this will give you certainty that you will be in F


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I asked this question of one of the phone staff in December when upgrading from Economy to Business for JFK-LAX - his response was that within a tier its based on who applied first. 

The only exception he noted was that solo travellers can jump up the queue depending on seats available...so if another P1 has requested three seats on a single PNR and there is only 1 seat available, another P1 travelling alone will probably get the upgrade. 


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From my own experience and comments made on ausbt, QFF Lifetime Gold does not have any benefits that are superior to normal annually-earned Gold.  Therefore if you have CL, P1 or P status it is has no immediate benefit.  You do get recognition on your gold FF card, in that the expiry date is given as LIFETIME !

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