Any App Suggestions for Travellers?

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I was wondering what the AusBT community uses during their travels.
Any good suggestions?

I use Hopper for personal travel deals, along with AirBnB and Google Trips to keep track of my intiniary.

Thanks in advance.


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Tripit by the most I use.

Mileways - Tracking flights
App in the Air - Tracking flights
Fllike - Flight reviews
Lounge Buddy - Airport Lounges
Sparrow - Flight Bookings


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Probably an obvious one but XE for currency, allows me to quickly work out ballpark figures for costs overseas 


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FlightRadar24 - especially if you (like me) are interested into the technicalities - like rego of aircraft etc


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Tripit definitely, that app is awesome especially if you don't use travel agents and build your own itineraries. Keeps it all together an in one place.


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If you are interested in knowing exactly where you are when you are flying then I recommend using MotionX GPS available for iOS at $3.00. I am yet to try it myself in flight but from what I've heard it works on all planes except the 787 due to the iron content in the windows.


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Tripit, hands down


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Tripcase - free and better than Tripit free version.


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Tripcase (much better than Trip it), As regards the mentioned MotionX the app works fine, however yes the 787 does not allow the GPS signal to go through windows and frame therefore ANY app that uses GPS signal for position tracking won't work...unless you are sitting in the jumpseat :)

As for position tracking apps I love my Garmin Pilot as well as Foreflight however they are professional pilot apps and require subscription (although you can have a 30 day free trial).

I also use SEATGURU, SEATALERTS by Expertflyer and I am still looking for a replacement of Flight Track Pro app that was recently shut down :(

Safe travels!

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