• It's Cape Town, not Capetown!

  • Qantas to issue its own credit card

    May 05, 2017, 03:33 PM

    So what about New Zealand? We loose out on this opportunity to earn points, etc., like some many other opportunities! For example, we can earn points shoppoing at a supermarket ...

  • Wonder if any ANZ credit cards in NZ will have this? Or will we be the poor cousins again with no Status Points earning potential on our cards?

  • Why didn't we get any notification? I only knew about this from this site's Facebook posting. I'm assuming it applies to NZ residents (doesn't say it does not apply)?

  • I get these with Air NZ using my Kiwibank Airpoints credit card. It's a great idea, though one can't get Elite status using these Status credits but they count toward Silver and Gold. A great idea. As a bonus I also get a couple of Air NZ Koru Lounge passes each year using this card and Airpoints...

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