Prepaid SIM card for USA?

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I'm traveling to USA this August and would like any recommendations on prepaid SIM cards in USA?  I've heard of T-Mobile, AT&T, Arieli Mobile, appreciate any advice or experience. 


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We usually use Tmobile as their service is good and price includes a big data allowance.  I'd recommend heading to your nearest Best Buy and just asking them.  They will also do all the set up for you.


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Hi Crave,

I bought a prepaid sim from simcorner (Australian business) prior to leaving, they supply a t mobile SIM card that works great in metropolitan areas, however sketchy in more rural (I was in Wy for a little bit and had no reception in certain areas) but apart from that it was fantastic, didn't have to worry about finding a provider outlet when there and sim was activated upon landing in LAX. I'm in America quite often and would definitely use them again! I usually use my Telstra roaming but this is a lot more cost effective .. hah. 



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Tmobile have $50US pre paid at the moment with 10gb / unlimited call/ text per month.   extra $5us to use in canada and mexico.   used it earlier this month in canada and the US, didnt miss a beat. 


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If you have the upportunity, locate the nearest AT&T store when you arrive in the USA - $US45 gets you 6GB of data and unlimited calls and texts in the USA, Canada and Mexico for 30 days! No calls back home though! It is a prepaid Sim so no ongoing payment issues! 

I found the coverage way better than TMobile, especially outside of the cities and top up is as easy! Their LTE has good speeds too. 


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look up 't-mobile tourist sim' discovered this before my trip last month- has good features and is cheap


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Buy on Amazon and get it shipped to your first hotel/port of call. We got a T-Mobile SIM that way, at a substantially reduced rate. Worked perfectly.

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Hello, Gateway airports have machines that sell the SIM card- costly and the minutes are expensive too. An excellent option is TracFone- can be bought at electronic stores, convenience stores or even food supermarkets; Walmart/Target have all the options too; cell s/b $20-30USD  and minute are not cheap @ .10USD each. OR, if you have an address in the US go to where you can buy a TracFone with ~1200 min/text/data for ~ $100USD + shipping (no charge activation) which is  a bargain, the networks are T-Mobile, AT&T or Verizon (Arieli M.(?)), the 3 biggest networks, ~98% coverage. Your USA contact/friend/business office, etc. can have it shipped prior to your arrival! ...and it'll be waiting for you, choose the phone area code by postal ''zip'' code to get the area code.

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I have purchsed Lycamobile in the USA from a 7 Eleven Petrol station. When in the US google 

Lycamobile   Mobile Sim cards for  several different types and a locator of stores where to purchase. I.bought one for $US 39 It was for 30 days and had unlimited talk, text and data to Australia and 70 + countries, 1 GB at up to 4G LTE,  and $6.25 bonus International credit. 


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We used a pre paid sim bought from an australian company prior to leaving.

It used the AT&T service and we couldnt fault it and you choose what you spend. We went for most of everything as I couldn't afford to not be un-contactable but we didn't even come close to using all of our data etc. I would definatly use them again



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If you're travelling outside cities and major towns avoid T-Mobile.  Their real-world cover is not good.  Stick with AT&T or Verizon.   


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I bought an ultra mobile sim card on ebay.  It was very cheap and included calls to Australia if I remember correctly


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AT&T and Verizon will have your best coverage by far. T-Mobile would have more competitive pricing, but coverage and data speeds will be lower. Google Fi is another good option as it's super adorable and utilizes both Sprint and T-Mobile's networks.


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@aggie57 and brad2k,

sorry, but both your statements regarding T-Mobile coverage and speed are incorrect. I suggest you have a good look at Open Source dot com. This organisation is an independent reviewer, sanctioned by the FCC, and regularly reviews / rates the performance of telcos across the entire continent. Their most recent review of major telcos in the USA firmly indicates that T-Mobile provides the best coverage and speed, followed - in order - by Verizon, ATT and Sprint.

Disclaimer: I am not at all associated with T-Mobile in any way or form, but have used their service successfully for many, many years without problem - and that includes many regional areas in the US where coverage by some carriers is non-existent or minimal.


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We use the AT&T SIM card, you can purchase a International Long Distance plan for 10$ for 1000 minutes to Aus landlines no mobiles valid for 30 days. This is an available option with the 45$ plan. Well worth it. 

However we purchased the SIM card from an Australian provider that has since closed which is a bummer as we need to find a new source as we prefer to have our phones to use as soon as we land.

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