Prepaid SIM card for USA?

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If you're with Telstra I'd suggest looking into going with an international roaming pack on your exiting sim instead. ie You can use your own number. Calls and SMS to and from Aus are included. Data up to a certain amount per day (can't remember exactly how much) and happily GPS doesn't appear to count in the data (though searching for addresses would of course) so I even use my phone to navigate. Costs only marginally more than a local sim and much more convenient. Presumably Optus have something similar. 


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Thanks all, i've purchased Arieli Mobile prepaid usa sim card for our September trip. Took about 15 days for delivery to Melbourne. Since we will be staying in LA, i expect to have good T-Mobile network connection. Will update everyone on the experience.


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Hello, @crave555, would you have an update on your experience with Arieli Mobile? I am travelling to LA at the end of Oct. Thanks


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Hi @innocentdisguis, apologies just saw this question. Have used ArieliMobile a few times since 2017. Good connection in LA, NY but gets poor in suburban areas. They also sell AT&T sim card which worked much better while traveling.

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