Airline Stadium Sponsorship ROI

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I have always questioned the ROI on airline sponsorship of most things. With the recent announcement of Etihad removing the A380 and replaced with 777 in Melbourne, I wonder again. Does this show there is no real ROI (return on investment) for these sorts of sponsorships? 

A Quick Google shows $5-8m Per Year to own the naming rights to Docklands. 
Wondering If others had any thoughts or insight? 
If you spend that amount of money, you would surely think the airline would see that as a poor ROI and poor business investment. 


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Probably makes no sense today, but go back to when they signed up - we didn't even know how to pronounce the name, and it was a big decision to fly via the Gulf. It has served the purpose to raise awareness... 


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Add to that the front of Melbourne City FC's jerseys


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You might well have the chance to find out the value of ROI with a real-world example commencing later this year, Grannular. With EY withdrawing the A380 ex MEL for a less desirable frame and associated downgrade of hard / soft product for that market, the current sponsorship might take on additional significance in keeping the brand 'front of mind' for the Melbourne crowd.


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Telstra Dome sounds much nicer.... :p


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Colonial Stadium? :)

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