Qantas Club Brisbane refurbishment

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Anyone know the latest status of the refurbishment of the QF Club Brisbane?  Articles say from March 'ready in a few months' - any updated ETA on opening?

In the meantime, anyone know if the existing space is still open to full capacity or half of it's closed due to the refurb?


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I haven't been there for about 6 weeks but visited a few times in March and April. The lounge remained operational the entire time, they've just been upgrading it in sections. The slow reveal of the new lounge as they have been finishing and moving on to each area been pretty exciting to watch. Apparently they still going!

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I was there 2 weeks ago in the Business lounge... as I exited, it was still a construction zone. Lots of temp walls up, and jackhammers... I would not expect it to be finished soon.


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I was there yesterday, and it was still full noise construction


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Was there last week.

Still undergoing works on the outside. The Biz lounge is extremely good...saw into club lounge and certainly on par with Syd, and better than Melb.
The dedicated qantas check-in needs some rethinking, whilst it separates you from the pack, can be very slow during peak times. Looks good, but practically needs speeding up.  


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I was there on Monday - still seem to be a lot of work going on with temporary walls/boards up and so on. New security check is good - stops people pfaffing around with trays etc with the machine that automatically dispenses them. And forces them to keep moving at the other end as they don't just stop on the belt!


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Still some construction going on around the place but shouldn't interrupt you at l access to all services as far as I could see. Once they had it fully closed off so let us all use the Business Class lounge instead - that was nice!

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