Lufthansa long-haul business class

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Hi, I am looking to fly Business Class on Lufthansa's A380 - what are your thoughts on the product? Also, are there usually award tickets available using Krisflyer miles or even other *A programs including Aegean Miles&Bonus? Thanks.


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Apparently it's good, but would like to hear other people's opinions. I'm booked on the A380 and 747-8 service in November and looking forward to trying. Looking at seatguru though, the seats on the A380 seem to face inwards towards each other. Never flown an arrangement like that before, hopefully its not too awkward.

And yes, you can get award seats with other *A members, you just might have to call to find availability.


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It's nothing on 1-2-1 configurations and the seat could be more comfortable but given its comparative affordability - I frequently see $5k return to EU - it's perfectly adequate. It's just no frills.


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It's adequate, not awesome. Swiss are better!


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It's good value for the price but definitely a tier 2 product.


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Nothing fancy at all, forget about any privacy and seats are not so comfy, service is very standard (LH way)...

I'd choose BA anyday, at least for the total privacy feel...

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