• If the menu you sampled is anything to go by, it shows a remarkable lack of non-meat options. This is consistent with Cathay's previous approach which in my mind is behind modern tastes and cuisine. The pictures taken do nothing to give me any optimism that the food quality has improved. I love C...

  • Endorse others' comments re mediocre quality of food in Bus Class. Also, a distinct lack of non-meat options. One final comment is that on the service to Tel Aviv - which is otherwise terrific - food options including pork and shellfish are probably culturally insensitive at best.

  • I've just flown the A350-900 business on 3 long haul flights. They are indeed comfortable and the service is generally good. But I endorse the comments about the poor maintenance and overall shoddy condition of the seats. Also poorly cleaned. And don't start me on the food.... which is inedible!

  • The Cathay A350 aircraft is superb. As pointed out these fly twice daily from Melbourne.The B777-300 which operates on the third flight daily suffers in comparison.It should also be noted that the food on CX business class is inedible and there is an extraordinary lack of non- meat options. I rec...

  • I recently suggested to Cathay that their business classs food is amongst the worst of all airlines. Interestingly their response failed to mention this planned revamp.

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