Anyone hear back from China Southern re Status Match?

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I'm curious to see if any punters out there heard back from China Southern about the Status Match with positive news? 


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I applied a month ago and have BA Silver (One World Sapphire) for 2 years. Sent them flight history etc. No response.

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No response here yet, although we know that some 'decline' emails have gone out, so here's hoping no news is good news.

Given that the airline publicised the status match offer on its Facebook page (before subsequently deleting the post and updating the email auto-response for status match requests to essentially whinge about getting too many applications!), I'm hoping for an approval - and will be taking it up with China Southern HQ if they officially backflip on what was promised.

We'll see what the response is first for those who weren't initially declined. :)



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No response here too after a month from application


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From the chinese forums, it was reported that CZ screwed so bad on this one and  they basically won't hornor anything. 


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Not a word!

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