• Returned two days agoExperienced the worst internet experience of late (Compared to SQ and EK). Internet coverage is very poor. Purchased 50MB plan and lasted less than 2hrs with only texting and having enabled the low data mode. Needs improvement because MH is worth a try. 

  • My understanding after joining Star Alliance rewards is that 40,000 are given only to Air NewZealand's FF 

  • Hi David, I have just received the card and I am gold with SQ until next November and will unlikely do enough traveling next year to have the status renewed, what happens if I reach $60,000 spent in May next year?  

  • In my view, it is an excellent option for those who want to convert points into Star Alliance, provided the current offer. Does anyone know when HSBC will be making it available to the public? 

  • Just came across this forum after trying to lock in a QF Business rewards flight any day of 2023 (till June) . It is impossible unless you are prepared to spend a ridiculous amount of points  [800k to 1.2M points]. I dare to say it should be illegal if you think how much money you would have...

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