Australian Financial Review discontinued - Platinum Charge Card

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It was disappointing to receive this update from AMEX this morning. With international travel seeming a long time away, making a lot of the perks null and void, I got great value from this. Hopefully they replace it with something of equal value!


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I agree I have derived great value from the AFR subscription.

Bit annoyed they can remove a benefit like that so near the beginning of my never year as well, though I realise that is just a coincidence.



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Disappointing. I did contact the Amex customer service this morning after receiving the email and suggested that the AFR gap along with the Shangri-La fast track being discontinued need somehow to be filled.


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I mainly used the PCC for travel related items. This included their excellent travel insurance. But over the past few years I see the benefits decrease but the annual fee rise. With no open sky international travel in the foreseable future one has to wonder is it worth it. The loss of FIN Review is just another tick against continuing with this charge card. I compared alternative cards on the Amex site and the Platinum Edge CC and Explorer CC at a quarter the price seem adequate during these restrictive times. I have a few more months before I need to make a decision and Amex told a friend they had new "exciting" benefits to come so we will see.


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This is very sad. I haven't received the notification yet but will reconsider the Amex Platinum as a result. My willingness to pay the huge annual card fee is very much dependent upon the benefits. With travel related benefits losing their value as a result of Covid it is breathtaking that Amex would cancel one of the few tangible non-travel related benefits for this card.


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Whilst I found the subscription highly valuable and I'm annoyed that its being removed let me be the opposing voice here for a minute...

It could be that Nine Entertainment Co has jacked up the cost of the service to AMEX and AMEX has done their research and found an alternative resource that delivers an equivalent/better source of content to the AFR...

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