Do 'priority' luggage tags make a difference?

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A simple question: Do those shiny 'Priority' luggage tags for checked bags of premium travellers really do anything other than look pretty. In my experience (with VA or any other airline) 'Priority' luggage could arrive on the carousel first, or last... or anywhere in between. All the airlines make the vague promise that Priority tagged luggage will be among the first available for collection, but I rarely find this is the case.

Poll: Does 'Priority' tagged luggage usually arrive first on the carousel.


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It's such hit and miss. 

On one arrival into HKG my bag was tagged priority from flying in J, but was the absolute last bag on the carousel!


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On my only trip in J (Mel to YVR, Air NZ), bags were first out going over and pretty close to first coming home.



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Just did a first Mel to singapore.  Some economy class got there luggage first. I even too photos to show Emirates next time. It does not work


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I've never ad my stuff with an orange flag not come out in the first dozen or so, 

I've noticed it's not quite that efficient when I've got it just printed on the tag itself, but I always ask for a flag and I've not had a problem. 

Bear in mind though, that the plural of Anecdotes is not data... 


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I find it can be departure airport dependent as well. I've had the worst luck out of Indonesian airports (Jakarta, Balik and Bali). Hit and miss with BKK and HKG.

USA forget it, bags did not travel with me to final destination at least 50% of the time.
Haven't had an issue flying out of ADL, MEL, SYD or SIN


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With Qantas it can be hit and miss - leaning a bit towards 'hit' in my experience.

With JAL I find it extremely reliable.


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I've waited over an hour for priority baggage with Qantas. I've never found my luggage out first, but it's usually in the first 10-20 bags. 

I've found Virgin to be much better, with a priority tag it's always been out in the first half, often among the first few bags. 
Regardless of airline, a priority tag seems to make no difference if I have an oversize bag.



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Generally speaking hit and miss

EY generally good last month-  priority TAG very last bag out
VA generally good
UA reliable in USA 


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IMHO, a complete waste of time. Qantas are the worst culprits.

Victor G

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On Virgin domestic it's 70:30 in terms of arriving first.  Last week it was not only last but 10 minutes after everyone elses.  With on a codeshare with Etihad and flying in Y the priority tag seems to make no difference


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Over many airlines over many flights I find Qantas to be the worst in the world and Air New Zealand to be the best.


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Ive also found it has worked well in the past for international  but QF domestic there is terrible. 

Although a recent international experience with priority luggage on Qf is interesting. I as a QF plat in Business checked in with 2 bags along with a bronze colleague in economy. All bags tagged priority. When they came out my first bag came out super quick but my second and colleagues bag took ages. Realised when I got home first bag was under my name and my second and his were tagged under his name. So despite the orange tag they were not given priority in my view and handled as regular bags.

Likely a computer sorted it and made it that way on loading the bags onto the plane. So when its automatically done a orange tag means nothing. 

It also annoying that the qf system just issues tags for a multiple person booking alphabetically bases on the surname not by status. Ie If Bronze Mr. Alpha travells with Platinum Mr. Zebra bag tags will be issied under Mr. Alpha on checkin with no status and even if you checkin at the desk the same happens and again orange tags attached mean nothing.


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In general it is like spinning the roulette wheel on when they pop out, the only exception I have found to this is Thai where 1st Class bags are always first and then followed by Business (In Bangkok), at least on the many flights I have taken with them.


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VA Sydney Int. No, takes for ever.

VA PER Domestic. Yes

Int. SQ/EY etc at PER. Yes

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