• At least they fit on the through the tunnels (I assume), unlike the ones bought for Sydney!

  • So is the implication that a single person spending x on flights for themselves hence gaining status is greater brand loyalty than a parent spending the same amount but between them, their partner and their two kids and seeing no status in return?  (e.g., is one business class ticket purchas...

  • What's better value...this (~$1000/year) or Qantas Life Time Gold, which they were effectively 'selling' for ~$35K during the last double status credits promotion in March (less whatever status credits you might have already earned, of course). 

  • I would've thought the risk of impact or crush incidents would become much higher if the laptops etc. are in checked baggage packed by the travelling public (opposed to specifically packed for cargo)?I thought airlines generally banned anything with Li-Ion batteries from going into check baggage,...

  • Does this include bookings made using sites like Expedia or the various ones popping up in Skyscanner, or do they fall outside of the definition of travel agent? 

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  • Credit card reader for use overseas?

    Jun 21, 2019, 09:08 AM

    You will need to setup an Australian one - I have setup Paypal and it was not too hard. The reader works great, and the fee charged isn't too bad.

  • Skytrain (driverless train) is the best bet...fast and the station is right out the front of the airport. Has two or three stops in downtown van from memory. Taxi works too, but can be slow, especially given it be peak hour, and the roads from YVR to downtown are all suburban arterial type rather...

  • Even the lounge was quiet, with maybe 20 people compared to the usual 50 or 60 from what the barista said. Amusingly, their pricing to book a business class fare a couple weeks out was 3x what I paid, and over double what NZ wanted. Economy was being sold at sub $1k a couple weeks out by VA and Q...

  • Presently on this flight and it is a ghost town. Half of business and two thirds of PE is empty. Economy is the same.What's going on? Subsequently the Wifi is great (and so is their product and crew).

  • I do Peter Alexander PJ shorts and a t shirt...and I was still boiling. No clue how anybody survives in the long one supplied. Nobody seemed to care, it was dark anyway!

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